WIDE IMPACT/DRILL HOOK - Milwaukee® - 2 Pack


WIDE HOOK: Allows you to easily and quickly hang tools in several places. Such as 2 x 4, ladder, tool belt pouch, bucket and much more.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: Fits most of the Milwaukee® power drill/impact.

REVERSIBLE: Can be screwed on either side of the tool. Also can have the original metal hook on one side and the Mega hook on the other side.

SURFACE PROTECTION: Unlike the original metal hook, the Mega Hook prevents notches on finishing surfaces.

BUILT STRONG: Made of solid ABS plastic. Resists impacts, such as a tool accidentally dropped on the ground.

ALL INCLUSIVE: Comes with 2 hooks and mounting screws. 


Product Dimensions: L70mm x W78mm x H35mm

Material: Strong ABS

Suited Brand: Milwaukee M18

SKU#: BH883

Package: Come in pack of 2