Stinger - Drywall Electrical Box Locator - 3 pack

  • No measuring needed: Allows you to quickly and without measurement identify the center of the electrical box.
  • Easy to use: Use the Stinger to cover the outlet. When you lay down the drywall, the sharp tip penetrates through the sheet and automatically shows you the center of the electrical box where you can cut arount it.
  • Built strong: Made of solid ABS plastic. Will resist many jobs, drop-offs, and impacts!
  • SHARP CONICAL TIP: Our tip made the best clean hole on the drywall sheet. The conical shape made it also the strongest Outlet Marker on the market!
#1 IDENTIFIES BOX CENTER with no measuring needed
#2 PROTECTS WIRES from damage
#3 PAINT STAND for faster painting project completion

Product Dimensions: Outside : L 9cm Inside : L 7cm

Material: Strong ABS

Suited Brand: Universal

SKU#: B890(Black) - B891(Red) - B892(Yellow)

Package: Come in pack of 4